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Last updated: 23rd January 2024

Message from the President

 Welcome to FOSA!

Foreign Office Spouses’ Association was established as a voluntary, not-for-profit, and non-political organization. For more than two years, our lives have been disrupted by Covid-19.   People across the world, especially in Bangladesh, have undeniably displayed incredible resilience and fortitude, faced with immense challenges and uncertainty. The pandemic also set back many plans and programs of the Foreign Office Spouses’ Association. Under the dynamic leadership of our Honourable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has been successful in arresting the adverse impact of COVID-19.

The members of FOSA are the spouses of officers working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the spouses of the diplomats assigned in Bangladesh Embassies and Missions abroad. Mrs Nuran Fatema (Spouse of the Honorable Foreign Minister, Dr. Hasan Mahmud, (MP) is the Chief Patron of FOSA. FOSA is well-known for its charitable work. FOSA has been providing financial support to the low-paid staff of the Ministry to bear the cost of education of their children, and to help them when their family members are seriously sick and when their families are adversely affected by natural calamities or unfortunate incidents. When we are posted abroad, we also raise funds for organizations of the host countries. We also contribute funds to other organizations or relief funds which support people in vulnerable situations. We undertake several fund-raising activities throughout the year.

The members of FOSA are closely involved in soft diplomacy and are working to boost the image of Bangladesh. Whether at home or abroad we have to continuously remind ourselves that we represent our country and our image will reflect on Bangladesh. In addition to hosting dinners, lunches and high- tea, we hold events to showcase our rich culture to foreign diplomats stationed in the capital as well as for people of our host countries and foreign diplomats where our embassies and missions are located.

FOSA members meet to discuss our experiences and the challenges we face in the countries where we are posted. We have organized events and programs during the Mujib Borsho and the Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh. We held programs to discuss the glorious sacrifice made by the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as well as the history of Bangladesh. However, the disruptions caused by the pandemic sharply restricted the number of programs and events that FOSA would have normally organized.  Nevertheless, we continued with our charity work and undertook some small-scale programs.

I have been a member of FOSA (it used to be called Foreign Office Spouses’ Association then) since 1988. We had classes on table settings for sit-down dinners, buffet dinners, cooking classes, dressing up for such events, and all other traditional roles of a diplomat's wife. With the empowerment of women in Bangladesh and the increase in the number of ladies the Foreign Service, there is a gradual change in gender roles. Whatever the changing roles may be both male and female spouses are working in their ways and collectively in promoting the image of our beloved Bangladesh.

We have recently started to arrange a wide range of charity programs and colourful events.  We hope to strengthen and intensify efforts to work for the disadvantaged people of our country in the days to come.

Joy Bangla

Joy Bangabandhu

Bangladesh Chirojibi hoke.


Fahmida Jabeen

The President

Foreign Office Spouses’ Association