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Last updated: 11th February 2021

Foreign Service Academy (FSA)

About Foreign Service Academy (FSA)


Foreign Service Academy is recognized as the professional training and educational institute in Bangladesh in the field of Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and International Relations. It has been accredited by the relevant authority with the aim to provide Masters and Diploma degree and basic academic training on Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and International Relations. The journey of this Academy was in fact started in 1981 in the name of Foreign Affairs Training Institute (FATI). In mid-nineties, the government of the then and the present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina realized the necessity and the importance of a dedicated educational institute for acquiring academic knowledge and professional training to face challenges of an ever-changing globalized world and keep them abreast of current world issues and discourses. Thus, with a vision and specific aim, the institute began its journey anew taking the name of Foreign Service Academy (FSA) in 1996. Besides, the Academy also provides Professional Certificate as well as Specialized Courses. 

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