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Last updated: 16th November 2023

FOSA Activities

Objectives of the Foreign Office Spouses’ Association (FOSA)

The objects for which the Foreign Office Spouses’ Association (FOSA) is established are as follows which shall be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the Government/ competent/ concerned authority before commencement of business:

i. To undertake and carry on any humanitarian or charitable program for the poor and under privileged people of Bangladesh, take up program for promotion of literature, fine art science and education, arrange/take up training activities of improved educational program for literate and half educated people for the purpose of increasing capability of works.

ii. To take up program to distribute relief among the neglected, poverty stricken in the event of any natural calamity like flood, storm, cyclone and earth quack.

iii. To make awareness among the General Public, poor masses and human society, undertake motivation work among the human being/ public to create awareness literature arts and science and establish library and reading room for the members and for the use of general public of promotion of education and culture.

iv. To establish run and maintain school, college, institute and such other educational institution both general and technical for the purpose of diffusion of useful knowledge among the people or target group, establish libraries, reading room, study centre for developing the habit of the society and distribute books free of cost among the poor students of school, college, university and other academy for the purpose of amelioration of the quality of education.

v. To publish pare/ old manuscript of the lost folklore the country including the myth book after being collected them, arrange exhibition of fine art/painting through display centre/ museum and mobile museum, arrange display of sculpture/ collection of painting through museum and mobile museum, arrange painting collation be establishing educational institution of the fine art and undertake program for educational research on archeology and historical relies.

vi. To collect and preserve mechanical and scientific nap and design for the benefit of members and the general public.

vii. To instill such values and conduct among the members of the association that give them a sense a community and the ability to act as one, promote & maintain opportunities for families of the Bangladesh diplomats BCS (Foreign Affairs) officers families for social and cultural interactions and access to resources and services, arrange meetings, gatherings, get-together etc. for the members at regular intervals and to enable them to maintain mutual acquaintances and develop skills necessary Bangladeshi for the diplomat at families for the purpose of facilitating and adjusting their living at home and abroad through various means such as arranging training courses on orientation, language, computer, driving, entertainment etc.

viii. To undertake any other charitable and voluntary activity as permitted by the Law of the Land.

Income: The income of the association shall not be distributed by way of dividend or bonus or salary or pocket money or Honorarium among the members of the association

Fund Mobilization and Utilization: In order to able to fulfill objectives of the foundation, the association will: Accept donations from any person, institution, association, NGOs, association or companies from home or abroad use the same towards the promotion and maintenance of the objectives of the fulfillment of the association and to apply the same as the association my deem expedient for the fulfillment of its objectives, provided that the association shall not receive any foreign donation without undergoing the formalities as laid in the Foreign Donation (Voluntary Activities) regulations Ordinance (Ordinance No. XLVI) Of as amended from time to time.

Dissolution or Winding-up: If upon the winding up or dissolution of the organization, after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property what so ever the same shall not be paid or distribute among the members of the society, or the organization or transferred to some other institution(s). This will be determined by 3/5th vote of the society members at or before the time of dissolution as per direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and any other regulatory bodies as requested.


FOSA Circular dated 16 Nov 2023 on International Charity Bazaar.pdf FOSA Circular dated 16 Nov 2023 on International Charity Bazaar.pdf