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Last updated: 25th April 2023
Press Release

Bangladesh Genocide of 1971 has been recognized by IASG resolution

Dhaka, 24 April 2023:
The International Association of Genocide Scholars (IASG) has adopted today, on 24 April 2023, a resolution entitled “Resolution to Declare the Crimes Committed during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War as Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes”. The IASG, founded in 1994, is a global, interdisciplinary, non-partisan organization that seeks to undertake further research and teaching about the nature, causes, and consequences of genocide; and to advance policy studies on genocide prevention. Several formal resolutions have so far been adopted by the IASG with the view to recognize the genocides occurred in various parts of the world. The Association holds biennial conferences and co-publishes the scholarly journal named “Genocide Studies and Prevention”.
The IASG resolution is an important recognition, in the international arena, of the atrocities committed during the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971. The Government of Bangladesh has been making continuous efforts to achieve international recognition of the Genocide that occurred against the mass people during the great War of Liberation in 1971. Thus, the adoption of the resolution is an important stepping stone towards receiving the due recognition from the wider international community. The Government of Bangladesh is determined to persist its relentless endeavor for getting more and more international recognition of Bangladesh Genocide of 1971 in the days ahead.