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Last updated: 6th January 2024

Benapole Express Targeted by Arsonists: An Unforgivable Crime Against Humanity

When the people of Bangladesh are eagerly preparing for a festive national election - a horrifying act of arson took place on the evening of January 5, 2024, when the Benapole Express, a symbol of connectivity and progress, was intentionally set ablaze by miscreants. This deliberate and heinous act, which occurred at approximately 9 PM around Gopibag Kachabazar area on its way to Kamalapur Railway Station, has resulted in the death of four (04) persons including two (02) children and scores were injured.

This reprehensible incident, undoubtedly orchestrated by those with malicious intent, strikes at the very heart of our democratic values. The timing of this tragedy, just a day before the election scheduled for January 7, 2024, shows an absolute intention to hinder the festivity, safety and security of the democratic processes of the country. 

It is an affront to democracy, an attack on the democratic process, and a grave violation of the rights of our citizens. This deliberate act of setting a train on fire, where innocent passengers were subjected to unimaginable horror and forced to endure the unforgivable sight of fellow humans being burned alive, is an act of absolute abomination. 

This blatant attempt to instill fear and panic among the masses is an affront to the spirit of our democracy and the enthusiastic participation of our citizens in the upcoming election. 

This act of setting a train on fire, with people burning inside is characteristic of the pattern of violence that we have witnessed before as well. This has shocked the conscience of our whole society - and indeed - the whole world.

We will leave no stone unturned to find out the perpetrators of this heinous crime. Each and every one will be brought to justice and exemplary punishment shall be rendered to the culprit(s), according to the law of the land. 


Dr. A K Abdul Momen, MP
Foreign Minister

06 January 2024



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