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Last updated: 13th October 2022

EOV by Bangladesh on the UN resolution titled, “Territorial Integrity of Ukraine: Defending the Principles of the UN Charter”

11th Emergency Special Session of the UNGA on Ukraine Crisis

10 October 2022, GA Hall, UNHQ

Thank you, Mr. President.

Bangladesh has voted in favour of the resolution titled, Territorial Integrity of Ukraine: Defending the Principles of the UN Charter.” We did so because we strongly believe that the purposes and principles of the UN Charter regarding respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, and peaceful settlement of all disputes must be complied universally for everyone, everywhere under all circumstances, without any exception.

We also believe that sovereignty and territorial integrity of any country within its internationally recognized borders should be respected. In this connection, we specially underscore the need to take similar uniform stand by the international community against the annexations of Palestinian and other Arab lands by Israel.

Bangladesh remains deeply concerned by the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine and its global socio-economic implications. We believe that antagonism like war or economic sanctions, counter-sanctions cannot bring good to any nation. Dialogue, discussion and mediation are the best ways to resolve crises and disputes.

As a firm believer of multilateralism, we will continue to stand with the United Nations and the office of the SG and supporting them in every way we can. We urge that in order to gain the trust and confidence of the people at all levels, the United Nations and the office of the SG must lead from the front and work to fulfill the expectations of all.

Bangladesh, therefore, urges all parties in the conflict to play positive role for de-escalation and resume immediate diplomatic dialogue in order to settle all disputes by peaceful means, and refrain from taking any action that may endanger international peace and security.

We should work towards ending war and stopping arms race for the good of mankind. As member states of the UN, we must continue to work together to promote peace and development. 

I thank you.