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Last updated: 12th May 2020

Bangladesh Embassies provide support and render service to Bangaldesh Community abroad on a 24/7 Basis
• In order to coordinate COVID-19 related issues, M/O Foreign Affairs set up a Cell.
• Hon’ble Foreign Minister has also written to all Ambassadors to provide whatever support they could provide to Bangladesh expatriates.  
• The Bangladesh Embassies abroad, under direct guidance of MOFA, are keeping contact with Bangladesh diaspora abroad. Bangladesh community members abroad are being discouraged to travel back to Bangladesh at this  moment.
• All our Embassies under an extremely difficult situation in their host countries are works very hard to serve the BANGLADESH expatriate community in their respective counties.
• Our Embassies are also providing important feedback on a daily basis as well as through Special Reports as and when required, to M/O Foreign Affairs on the situation in their host countries, including the well-being and welfare of the Bangladesh community.
• Embassies have opened Hotlines so that Bangladeshi expatriates can call Embassies anytime for any kid of assistance. 
• Embassies are posting important information, including Health Advisory, on their Websites so that Bangladeshis can access to this information as and when they need.
• Embassies have requested and appealed to Bangladeshis to follow the local rules and regulations to keep themselves and others safe.
Unique and Noble Initiative of  The Bangladesh Consulate-General, New York
Our Consul-General in the Bangladesh Consulate-General, New York has taken the following Initiative:
“The Consulate contacted the American-Bangladeshi doctors and formed a "Pool of Doctors", who volunteered to assist the community with relevant information and help. Consulate has disseminated the information through the website, Facebook and hotline.”
It may be mentioned that many chronic patients suffering from other diseases are facing difficulties in finding regular treatment and even  treatment for the Coronavirus infection.
This initiative of the Consulate has been appreciated as the community finds it useful.
Notice from Bangladesh Consulate General in Toronto, Canada.
Date: 03 April 2020.
"Bangladesh Consulate General in Toronto, Canada has formed "Online Pool of Doctors" to provide advice to expatriate Bangladeshis free of charge."
mail Foreign Minister speaks to Bangladesh Envoys in West Asian countries
On 27 April 2020, Foreign Minister held a Video Conference with the Bangladesh Ambassadors in West Asian countries to discuss all issues arising from COVID-19 situation and provided them necessary guidance, including overall welfare, protection of rights and retention of employment of Bangladeshi workers in those countries now and in post-COVID-19 period.
mail Probashi Helpline offers telemedicine service to expatriate Bangladeshis

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